Technical Information

· 30,000 + lights about 1/2 incandescent Minis and 1/2 LED, Floods and Rope lights.

- Poles by the Door  These are RGB strip lights and are 150 lights each pole.  They make up 300 programing channels alone

· A Lot  I Don't know how many feet of extension cords

· 100 Amps Total to run everything if it was constantly on. But the actual is less due to the blinking and flashing.

· 92.3 FM The ELF Tune to 92.3 FM while watching the show.

· Channels of light animation. Well the channel count is over 500 now with the light poles by the front door which are 150 channels each. Each set of lights you see twinkling and blinking is managed by computer software called

LIGHT-O-RAMA. The software and hardware allow for sequencing of the lights to music which makes the lights turn on and off, twinkle, and fade.

· Programming the lights to sync to the music can be time consuming, but watching the show makes it worth every second. It takes several hours per minute of music to get the lights timed.

 - Mega Tree  The tree has a steel center pole and a hand crank to raise and lower the lights. The tree has 4800 lights this year.


- Mini Trees  built from small flower easels and wrapped over and over and over with lights. Each has about 200 lights on it.

- Arches   Built on 1/2 PVC pipe. Lights are wraped around the pipe in sections of a 100

there are 700 lights on each arch.