Frequently Asked Questions


Over the course of the season, many questions were asked.

This page is to help answer some of the most frequent questions. (in case you were too embarrassed to ask). But next year,  feel free to fire away! The first 2 questions below are tied for the MOST asked questions.


About Us...

Glyn and Lori have been living in Garland since 1997. We have always enjoyed decorating the house at Christmas and has been a dream of Glyn's to spread the Christmas spirit through a huge Christmas light display. Encouraged by movies known for their Christmas decorations and supported by his understanding wife we present to you The Holland Family Christmas Corner.

How does Santa in the Window work?

Santa is by far the highlight of the display. He is a DVD that is bought from Christmas Light Show on my Links page. It is played on a personal DVD player, connected to an InFocus projector which is aimed at a screen that is built for my Home bedroom window.

How do the lights work?

I use Light-O-Rama controlers and software to make the lights dance to the music. It is basicly a computer connected to an FM transmitter and alot of switches that get turned on and off really fast. If you would like to know more about how it works check out the Light-O-Rama web site or their WIKI. Both links are found on my links page. 

How is it that we can hear it on the radio?

I have a Ramsey FM100B transmitter that allows me to broadcast an FM signal on any frequency within the FM spectrum. I have to find dead air space, so as not to be overrun by the FCC licensed stations in the area. The FCC allows individuals to broadcast within a 200ft buffer around their home without having a license. I connect the audio output jack on my computer to the transmitter. 

Do you work for a living?- Yes. I have a pretty demanding full time job in the computer field.

Do you make it all yourself? - Some items are purchased, that is obvious, or at least to me. To date these are the wireframe items, inflatable's, and what we call the Blow Molds. Rudy the Chipmunks and the Mega Tree Star are the exceptions, I bought the wireframes bare, and put lights on them. I made the arch, it will stay wrapped except if I have to change out a light string. The Candy Cane Posts up around the sidewalk were also home made.

How long does all this take? - This is a multipart answer. This is a 9-10 month a year part time hobby. I do have a life, job and other interests, but I love making the display happen. Planning is easy, what fell out of the year before, goes into the next years display. Fixing, creating, maintaining starts in the summer, the music programming will be more year round, and the set up normally starts in early November. I target the day after Thanksgiving for Light Up.

How can I do my lights like this.The best place to get started is to check out the websites on my links page. Light-O-Rama, Planet Christmas and my favorite Lone Star Holidays. Feel free to contact me with any questions.   

Who’s voice is that? I think I have heard it before...
Well, you may have. It’s Kevin, The Demented Elf . You can find out more about him at his website. Look on my links page.  He did a GREAT job and I highly recommend him and his services.

Display Details

Total number of lights:     30,000

Total length of extension cords:  Over 1 mile

Time to set up:    About 60 hours

Time to take down and pack away:   About 40 hours

Electric Bill for the month:   ????? Cheaper then you would think!

Smiles on kids faces:    PRICELESS

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